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How The Deep Value Club works

  • We spend many hours analyzing the boring financial data so you don’t have to. We find the stocks that are trading below their fair value. Like META in 2022, MSFT in 2016, or NFLX in 2022.

  • We do that by analyzing...

    • The Company's Profitability and Free Cash Flow (or path to)
    • Competitive Advantage and Moat
    • Risk Factors and Debt Levels
    • Growth nitiatives and Organic vs Inorganic Growth
    • Current Valuation and Expected Return
    • Management’s Shareholder Value Creation
    • Running Multiple Valuation Models and Using The Right Valuation Methods for Different Sectors

You get full access to the same software we use so you have the option to learn how to do the analysis yourself.

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What’s included?

  • Stock analysis and opinions

  • Education

  • Full access to the same software we use

  • Access to our private community

  • Email and SMS alerts

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Our Previous Stock Picks

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