Stock Analysis Dashboard

Never overpay for a stock again.
With over 10 years of data available for all stocks, make better decisions with your investments!
Stock Analysis Dashboard
This technology will change the way you invest for more sustainable success. This tool is completely custom made and you won’t find it ANYWHERE ELSE.

How Our Dashboard Works?

The Stock Analysis Dashboard is extremely easy to use and it even works on your smartphone! Once you signup you'll get instant access to the dashboard. You don't have to download any complex software or anything like that.

As soon as you signup, you can input any stock ticker and you will have access to loads of data within seconds. You can analyze an unlimited of stocks each and every day.

What do you get with this Dashboard?

  • Access to 30+ years of historical financial data.
  • Ability to analyze almost any stock within seconds.
  • Lessons on how to read financial data.
  • 10 years of visualized financial data for easy analysis.
  • Ability to quickly compare the performance of stocks.
  • UNLIMITED free updates and new features.
Get an instant analysis of any stock on ANY device
Get quick stats on any stock like its average up performance on up and down days, how often the stock is up, how profitable the company is, and a WHOLE LOT more
Calculate your own price targets
Follow politicians trades
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Intro To Stock Market Course
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Lifetime Access To Custom Coded Stock Algorithm
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This course is the quickest way to truly understand the complex world of options trading. The course is 120 minutes long, broken into 26 video segments. Everything is online. Once you enroll, you have access to the course for life and can ask Mike questions at any time.
Stock Mastery Bonus Videos
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Unlimited 1-on-1 Support
Once you buy any StockedUp product you have access to the diverse and ever expanding StockedUp community. Our community is over 18,000 members strong with people in all 50 US states and 96 countries world wide. It is filled with people who have little to no trading experience to people who have been professionally trading the markets for 30 years.

You'll have access to network online with any of those individuals including Mike and his staff. Once you sign up for this program, a StockedUp staff member will be dedicated and responsible to your success.
Get all this for
$ 499.00
$ 2,123.00
Get it
Save 30% With The Annual Plan
Save 30% With The Annual Plan
Great results
Great results
Financial Data
Financial Data
Lessons to Financial Data
Lessons to Financial Data
Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access
Unlimited Support
Unlimited Support
The StockedUp Guarantee

Our development team is constantly adding more features and perks to this program. In turn, the price of this product rises over time. You will be “grandfathered in” at your price unless you cancel.. See More

Our products are like investments in a way. New perks are constantly added so the value increases over time. We reward those who have a long-term mindset by allowing them to lock in rates while they’re low.

What All Is Included With Statistical Modeling Options Picks?

  • Alerts from the StockedUp (human) staff team. We do all of the work finding the plays and managing the position. All you have to do is follow the alerts.
  • Daily alerts from our army of robots. You won’t find this technology anywhere else. The bots are programmed to find the best options day trade setups each and every day. When the robot finds a play it really likes, you’ll get an alert!
  • Insider trading alerts. Know exactly what and when insiders make trades.
  • A daily stream of million dollar + options trades. Have access to follow hedge funds and other big money traders.
  • Access to educational channels. We provide educational content so all of our members can continue to learn.
  • Access to breaking news bots. Standard news channels can be slow sometimes but our bots catch the news right as it happens.
  • Theta (time decay) strategies. We offer strategies that focus on the passage of time like short put options.
  • Access to an amazing, private community! 24/7 access to our admins and a great private community.

How Our Program Works

My team and I spend our lives in the StockedUp Trading Floor. Whether its early morning, late nights, weekdays, weekends, or even holidays, we’re there. From analysis to fun conversations, there is a great sense of community.

Mike D’Antonio

Founder & CEO of StockedUp
In addition to great option alerts, you will also have access to a private community full of traders from all over the world.
Whether you are a novice or professional trader
...our trading robots will come in handy and the private community will provide you with plenty of opportunities.
Alerts are sent through a free app called Discord...
...and every time there is a new alert, you can get a notification directly to your phone.
A lot of our trading robots are custom coded and you won’t find them ANYWHERE ELSE.
Some of our best plays from the previous year:
META calls 237%
$212 into $715
GLD calls 177%
$147 into $408
BABA calls 129%
$222 into $510
APPL puts 108%
$260 into $542

If you’re looking to grow your account, this is the place to be.

Will the dashboard help my trading?

Absolutely! The dashboard is a game changer. It allows you to instantly measure how almost any company is doing. With the dashboard you'll notice trends that other investors don't even know to look for.

What if I need help and do I need any technical experience?

Our tools are very user friendly and you don’t need any technical experience. We have one of the most supportive communities in the industry so if you ever needed any help, just let us know. We got your back!

Is the dashboard easy to use?

The dashboard is extremely easy to use and it even works on your smartphone.

Are future updates included?

All future updates to the dashboard are included for free. When we add new features and you'll have instant access to them for no extra cost.


Our results speak for us.

StockedUp is awesome. I've made more money with Mike than any other website I've ever paid for. Definitely worth it. Mike is super awesome and knows his stuff.

Adrianna D.

Simple, consistent, and easy. I'm up 25% trading part time all while maintaining a full time job. If you're looking for consistent gains this is an amazing way to do it.

Shawn L.

First day with Mike's statistical modeling software and all I'm going to say is that you could've made all the money for it back and then some ALREADY!

Hunter D.

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